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Welcome to your Online Account for housing assistance applications submitted to the Housing Authority of the County of San Diego.


After creating an online account for your previously-submitted housing assistance application (including Section 8), you can use your account to update information on your application.  If you have not yet applied for rental assistance, you can do so here.


To serve Housing and Community and Development Services’ (HCDS) objective to maintain an accurate waiting list and select families from the waiting list for admission in accordance with the policies in its Administrative Plan, HCDS has begun an active effort to allow families to update application information including income, family members and local preferences by mail.


All families on the waiting list that applied prior to your current information and communicate your continued interest in housing assistance. Failure to return the application renewal form will result in your removal from the waiting list(s).


While the returned renewal forms are being processed by HCDS, please use your online account to submit a change of mailing address request or to apply to other waiting lists, including the Ramona Senior PBV, assistance for seniors (age 62+) which opened on December 18, 2018. All other changes related to your application for housing assistance should be provided on the application renewal form or by contacting HCDS.


After the effort to update applications through mail has been completed, you will again be able to use your online account to submit changes to your application.


If you are having trouble creating a new account or accessing an already-created account, please contact us for assistance.